Paul Wenzel

I'm an artist and developer living in Minneapolis, MN.
I have years of experience with nonprofits, agencies, retail, and media companies. You can hire me for digital media work if you like.
I like to make music, take pictures, and brew cider.

Shitty Recording Studio
Music projects. Pocket Operations book of drum machine patterns. 2019—current
Instant Pot Cooking Times
Simple timetables with brief to-the-point instructions for preparing food in your Instant Pot. 2017—current
Twin Cities Transit
Bus and light rail departures for mobile devices, 2009—current
Terra Foundation for American Art
Website and Collection Pages, 2014
Classical MPR
Minnesota Public Radio, 2014
Infinite Guest
Podcast Network
American Public Media, 2014
MPR News
Minnesota Public Radio, 2013
The Current
Minnesota Public Radio, 2012
Best Buy Local Store Pages
Wordpress Multsite, 2010
MCAD Alumni Network
Social Networking Site, 2009
Video Contest Platform for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2008
Coen Partners Web Site
With Co-Op Media, 2007
Walker Art Center Annual Report
Online companion to print edition, 2007
Doomtree Blowouts 1 & 2
Motion Graphics and Live Visuals
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
2006 & 2007
Nothing, Nowhere to Hide
Installation with The Revolutionary Party at the Walker Art Center, 2006
Bloc Blonc — Installation
With the Revolutionary Party at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN 2006
Andy Warhol vs. The Revolutionary Party — Workshop
Walker Art Center, WACTAC, and The Revolutionary Party, 2006
Radio MCAD — Workshop
Minneapolis College of Art & Design, 2003-2005
Work Places
Hubbard Broadcasting
Saint Paul, MN
Co-Op Media — Owner
Minneapolis, MN
GoKart Labs
Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul, MN
Best Buy — Freelance
Bloomington, MN
Olson, Co. — Freelance
Minneapolis, MN
American Public Media
St. Paul, MN
Carmichael Lynch
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN
Larsen Interactive
Minneapolis, MN
MCAD Designworks
Minneapolis, MN
West Group
Eagan, MN
Online Activities
Soundcloud — Music Work
Co-Op Media, LLC — Gigs
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